Installation / MSI Development

Application Packaging

With over 14 year’s experience in Application Packaging, the staff of Enyano Software Solutions have all of the experience and knowledge required to deliver MSI or App-V packages to you ready for distribution across your network.
In-house or 3rd party "off-the-shelf" applications, regardless of complexity, will be re-packaged to your exact specifications using a virtual image of your desktop setup. Once complete the package will be sent to you for QA testing and as soon as you are satisfied with the quality of our product you can immediately distribute the application to your client machines.

Traditional Application Packaging processes can include "packaging factories" or a "bums on seats" approach. By offering a new, dedicated, off-site method Enyano can not only cut costs dramatically, thus increasing your ROI, but also guarantee that during production and for as long as necessary afterwards, our focus will be on you and delivering perfect MSI or App-V installations to you.